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Cats Defying The Laws of Physics (Photos)

Gravity shmavity. No such thing...apparently! 

For us mere hoomans who must defy in the laws of physics, it's pretty much been determined that cats... do not need to do so.

And we've all seen it before. When they jump onto a teeny tiny door, handle and literally just sit there, and fall asleep. Like how can that even be comfortable? 

But alas, that's cats for you. Sleeping in sinks, and being wide-eyed beauties ready to pounce

Okay, we are getting off track. Basically cats don't adhere to the laws of physics and here are the photos that pretty much prove it! 

Two funny photos side by side of cats that very much seems to defy physics and are chilling in thin air.
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Laughing manically as teh photografur struggled to stop from falling, Larry was bery thankful of his noo anti-grabbity control collar