animals with bubbles


Wholesome Animals With Bubbles

Have you ever tried blowing bubbles at your pet? I tried it with my cat, and she... ran away, terrified lol. So, I haven't tried again. Curious, we looked into the phenomenon of animals with bubbles. And sure enough, apparently, some animals really like playing around with bubbles. 

They seem fascinated with the bubbles in the most adorable way ever. Or confused. Some of them seem quite confused by them. Regardless, even their confusion is something that we can't help but adore. Aww and smile worthy, we give you animals playing around with bubbles. And if animals being confused by aesthetically beautiful things is something that you're interested in, we have a collection of butterflies sitting on animals' noses especially made just for you.  

pictures and gifs of animals playing with bubbles thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with its paw up playing with bubbles and an elephant happily surrounded by bubbles
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