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Anatomically Incorrect Animal Skeletons of Halloween Decorations (Funny Tweets)

It's the best time of the year! We are major fans of Halloween and all the Halloweenie things that come with it! And with that being said, we don't really mind coming across anatomically incorrect skeletons but it does seem to bother others. Which just makes it fun for us. 

Let the Spooktober festivities commence! First up, a series of tweets from @timidwerewolf, followed by a series of anatomically incorrect animal skeletons! Let's get 'fake' spooky!

tweets and pics of anatomically incorrect animal skeletons for halloween - thumbnail of bat skeleton and funny tweet | Reverend Dr. Rob Walker @timidwerewolf Executive will people know 's bat skeleton? Designer looks pretty bat-like mean, look at its wings. Exec: Give ears. Des: But.skeletons don't have ears. Exec: Nobody ever went broke by underestimating intelligence American people.
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