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Never-Before-Seen Albino Panda Has Been Discovered In the Mountains Of China

According to China Daily, the infrared camera captured the incredibly rare footage of a fully albino panda in the mountains of China's Wolong National Nature Reserve. The images were released to the public this past Saturday and researchers say it is the very first time an entirely while panda has ever been identified. 

Li Sheng, of Peking University, told Xinhua news agency, the never-before-seen albino panda seems to be at most 2 years old. "Judging from the photo, the panda is physically strong and taking steady steps, suggesting the gene mutation is not affecting its normal life."

And being albino, the bear might be more sensitive to the sun but in no way should affect its ability to reproduce. If it were to reproduce, however, the offspring would only inherit the albinism if both parents carried the gene, as it is a recessive trait. In a 2014 census, it was revealed that roughly 1800 giant pandas are left in this world, according to the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), marking their status has "vulnerable". 

Officials say that they will attempt to continue track of the bear by installing more motion cameras. 

And while experts knew albinism occurred in pandas, this is the very first time it's been captured on camera! Check out the image below! 

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