Majestic Lions That Also Happen To Be Giant Goofballs Of Fluff (14 Pics)

Ladies and gents, we present to you the mighty king and queen of the jungle -- in all their wonderfully goofy glory! There's something so powerful when it comes to lions, and to see them being...well, more housecat-like, gives off such a warm fuzzy feeling. Who wouldn't love to hang out with one of these giant murder fluffs?

I Can Has Moar Lions?

First of all, here's some lion memes and some lion fun facts to layer down "a base" of basic internet lion knowledge. Once that is done, learn some more and lion up about lions on Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia's Lion page.  The Smithsonian lion page has some really great pictures of the magnificent beasts and South Africa's Kruger National Park and African Wildlife Foundation contain very detailed information about the diets, habits, habitat and other fun facts about lions. So does the San Diego Zoo, and Youtube has an amazing video of a 23-year old man that is best friends with a lion and other big cats. National Geographic has a very informative video explaining everything about lions and the Animal Fact Guide offers a simplified rundown of everything lion that is easy to teach to kids or to those just starting to learn about the big cats that happen to be king of the jungle.

lion on his back like a big kitten - list of awesome lions being like regular house cats that are just big
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