Artist Makes Sculptures Out of Recycled Silverware

Matt Wilson, the artist behind these extraordinary sculptures, is influenced by natural elements of the environment in which he lives. 

He dives into his sculpture exploration on his website, "Using recycled and organic materials- scrap metal, reclaimed wood, bone, etc., my sculptures depict continuous life cycles that consciously and unconsciously permeate our awareness. The upcycled work I create is a testimony to the belief of conserving and appreciating our resources, so that the environment in which we live will continue to be an environment in which we desire to live. 

My goal as an artist is to make artwork unlike art people have seen, while at the same time recognizable in the identity of everyday materials. I only hope the sculptures will inspire others to appreciate the simple, neglected items from which my creations are born."

We think Wilson achieved that goal with these mesmerizing pieces of art. 

Prepare to be stunned.

art sculptures animals beautiful artist amazing stunning sculpture recycled items cool metal | metal scraps cat face made from cutlery and wires for its whiskers bird made of bent forks knives and spoons sitting on a branch made from a nail and a plier
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