Big Bad Wolves Showing Each Other Some Love

Wolves may normally be depicted as scary, snarling, evil creatures - the big bad wolves, right? - but they're also known as some of the most affectionate, cutest animals out there. They're always running in packs, they howl if they're separated from their pack, sometimes as a signal, sometimes just to show some love, and some of them even mate for life. 

These terrifying creatures really know how to love each other, and the do it in the sweetest ways possible, nuzzling each other, randomly placing their heads on each other. A little like doggies. They even wag their tails when they're happy. And since these wolves are happy and in love, and we love them, we've decided to let some of this love envelop us in these stressful days, since we all need a little wholesome love right about now

pictures of wolves showing each other affection and love thumbnail includes two pictures including one of two wolves nuzzling each other's faces and another of two wolves one of whom is shoving its nose in another wolf's neck
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