157 of gemma


Artist's Wholesome Comics About Life With Her Pug

These comics are too cute and so relatable! Anyone who has a pet will instantly understand the bond and the love between a human and an animal

Meet the talented artist, Gemma Gené, and her pug, Mochi! Gemma Gené, born in Barcelona, currently residing in New York, started the cartoon series "157 of gemma" as an escape from her Architecture undergrad final thesis project. "157 of gemma" is a cartoon series about her life with her "chubby and opinionated pug Mochi," as written on the 157ofgemma website about section, "The main characters are Mochi, my husband Peli, Mochi's brothers the Twinchis and me. Mochi is a very happy and sweet pug that sees life in a particular way. In his world, his happy life with his Mom (Mami) is truncated by the constant presence of his Dad. Also, he thinks he is human and he shouldn't walk up the stairs, that is why mums are for."

Gemma Gené also offers an adorable bio for Mochi, stating, "He is super sweet and well behaved, but he can be very sassy and pretty much does whatever he wants. His favorite activities include sleeping, eating, and going for walks, especially when he is being carried. Mochi has many friends, most of them humans. Mochi lives happily in Bushwick and works very hard every day inspiring cartoons."

Get ready to dive into some adorable and relatable comics! Follow "157 of gemma" on Instagram for way more comics! 

adorable and relatable comics of being a pet owner and living with a pug - thumbnail of gemma looking at mochi while he's asleep and him waking up to stare back at her, with love
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