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Can I Has Treats, Mommy?

cat treats reader squee pet kitty squee - 6644290816
By CakeIsNommy


acting like animals bear do want learning noms posture pretty promise reward sitting sitting pretty training treat treats trick - 4523339520
By Unknown

Bunday: TREATS!!!

Bunday gifs treats happy bunday oops rabbit bunny squee - 6751974912
Via Bunny Food

Reader Squee: Treats!?!

ferret pet reader squee tongue treats - 4231485440
By jwawrzyn

Reader Squee: Rat Squish

treats rat reader squee pet squee whiskers - 6714906624
By Alex

Reader Squee: Did I Hear "Treat"?

treats reader squee pets listening squee - 6876907008
By Alialiinfree
treats puppies squee Video cookies the pet collective Operation Aww - 55294465

No! My Cookie!

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Please Don't Go!

baby cub panda bear squee treats - 4310466304
By sixonefive72


bunny do want friend friends friendship happy bunday rabbit reader squees request stuffed animal treats - 5448163072
By Hollynesss
treats gifs puppy cute - 73876225

That Sad Puppy Face Won't Work on Me! Okay, Yes It Will

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Trick or Treat

treats halloween trick or treat bucket walrus squee - 6720644352
Via Wildlife Conservation Society