Cat Medley: Funnies, Glow Ups, Mourning And Loss

Cats are a little bit of everything. They are hilarious in unexpected ways, they are adorable always, and somehow, they manage to take up so much space in our hearts, without even trying. 

They are truly special animals and anyone with a cat will tell you so. We are truly fortunate to have them in our lives, even if they aren't there for all of it. 

This week's cat medley features the main cute cat categories; cute and funny. Yet, there's a sprinkle of life (glow ups, transformations, and fighters) and sadly but inevitably, death. It's important to us that we acknowledge a cat's life through and through. As heartbreaking as it may be, we honor the cats that have left our lives by remembering them. They may be gone but never forgotten. To those who have recently lost a pet, our hearts are with you. 

cute funny silly beautiful sad cat pics and vids - thumbnail of man and cuddle hairless Sphynx cat | My housesitting partner no respect personal space she been naked whole time
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