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baby cub drinking feeding flood flooding Hall of Fame leopard milk Precious rescue rescued unbearably squee - 5390350592
By Unknown

The Kitten and The Marine

squee kitten rescue - 6701842176
Via U.S. Navel Institute
gifs cute deer rescue - 72357121

Trapped Baby Fawn Gets Returned to Mother

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baby found heartwarming raccoon reader squees rescue rescued touching - 5012349696
By csfergu

Mission Accomplished!

cute Cats rescue - 8033117440
By Unknown
bats cute Video rescue - 74942465

A Baby Bat Hugs His Mom When They Reunite Just Before She Scoops Him Up and Carries Him Home

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cute orangutan Video rescue - 74794241

Watch This Adorable Baby Orangutan and It's Mother Find a Happy New Life When They are Released After Being Rescued

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pets rescue - 7707047168
By Pan


cat exploring kitten name reader squees reference rescue - 5028597504
By Tiffany

Reader Squee: My Blind Kitty

cat reader squee pets blind squee rescue - 6876624128
By jakey66


amazing Babies baby cat Cats courageous flooding Hall of Fame heartwarming hero kitten rescue touching - 5333384448
By Unknown

Grace, the Rescue Puppy

grace rescue - 7606905600
By Shetland.pony

Reader Squee: Cleobatra

reader squee rescue bat baby rehabilitation - 6605682944
By theheretik

Reader Squee: Betty The Brindle Pug

reader squee squee pug rescue bed - 6646852608
By horribilis
cute tiger Video rescue - 123143

This is the First Time This Rescued Tiger Has Seen Grass

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Rescuing Mrs. Ladybug

bugs caterpillar insects ladybug lake rescue squee - 6333552128
By sixonefive72