Cat's Reaction To Spilled Food Goes Viral (Twitter Thread)

When Twitter user, Kelly-Leigh Cooper (@kl_coop), accidentally spilled her cat's food all over the floor, she managed to capture his reaction, and that reaction has taken over Twitter. The priceless reaction of a cat who has just witnessed a miracle -- endless food. "So much food, where do you begin? What is the first move? Is all this really for me?" These are all thoughts we imagine are running through this adorably expressive cat's mind. 

Other Twitter users were quick to join the conversation and add just how much they adore the cat's mind-blowing expressions! Some users even began sharing their own experiences with overwhelming food. Others just couldn't get over the adorable cat, and honestly, neither can we! 

cat's reaction to spilled food goes viral on Twitter - thumbnail of cat's reaction to spilled food "just accidentally spilled my cat's food all over the floor and his reaction was.... a lot"
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