Celebrating 'We Rate Dogs' 5th Birthday On Twitter With New Dog Ratings

Happy 5th Birthday to the best Twitter account -- 'We Rate Dogs!' Actually, scratch that -- Happy 5th Birthday to the best account on any social media platform!

For five years, this Twitter account has brought so much joy and happiness to the world and for years we've followed and fallen in love with each and every dog rating, and today we celebrate with fresh new dog ratings! For anyone going through a difficult time or just looking for good news, 'We Rate Dogs' will deliver you the boost of uplifting wholesomeness you seek. 

And we will also be celebrating with older dog rates to continue this heartwarming and wholesome moment! Nothing quite lifts our spirits than a good ol' fashion dog rating. 

Thank you, 'We Rate Dogs', the world will always need you. 

new dog ratings from rate my dog for their 5 year anniversary - thumbnail of dog who ate a bee and is at the vet "This is Sonja. In her defense, nobody explicitly told her bees aren’t snacks. 13/10 would boop but gently"
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