Daily Squee

pygmy goats


acting like animals FAIL gandalf horse Lord of the Rings not quite pygmy goat pygmy goats quote riding standing - 5153535744
By Unknown

Sugar Rush

candy gifs jumping playing pygmy goats - 6594575104
By Unknown

Squee Spree: Heaping Handful

Babies goats handful hugs pygmy goats squee spree - 6545338112
Via Racine Zoological Gardens

Squee Spree: Vanilla Chocolate Swirl

chocolate goat ice cream pygmy goats squee spree - 6458951424
By Unknown

Pygmy Goats Invade Your Kitchen

goats hopping kitchen pygmy goats running gif cute - 6417486336
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Blue-Eyed Trouble Maker

blue eyes goat pet pygmy goats reader squee squee - 6608491776
By Caitlin Jolin

Moar! Moar! Moar!

pygmy goats gifs goats cute - 8396751616

Squee Spree: King of the Goat Hill

goat piggy back pygmy goats squee spree - 6550271744
Via Zoo Basel