Good Vibes Only: Wholesome Animal Memes (October 19th, 2020)

Sweet wholesome goodness! There's nothing like it! It's definitely our favorite way to start off a new week, and we hope it's your favorite way too! When it comes to animal memes, they're always a delight. Whether it's our Caturday memes, or lolcats, or itty bitty crab memes. Memes have a way of bringing us happiness, and we all know, animals have always brought happiness into our lives. So the combination of the two truly makes something magical. 

And then you sprinkle on the wholesomeness and it takes it to new heights. As if animal memes weren't good enough, they just somehow get even better with wholesomeness added to the mix. Each week, we prepare for you the ultimate wholesome list to go along with your hot cup of coffee, and each week it's nothing but happiness galore. 

We wish you all a wholesome week! 

wholesome adorable animal memes to uplifting spirits - thumbnail includes two images, one of smiling cat "When you confess your feelings to your crush and she feels the same way" and one of a duck wrapped in towel, "It's dangerous to go alone, take this."
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