Penguins Wearing Backpacks Is Giving Us A Reason To Smile

What's cuter than a penguin? A penguin wearing a freakin' backpack -- that's what! 

Back in January of this year, penguins were brought in from a nearby aquarium in China to promote the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, the world's largest snow and ice festival. 

The adorable penguins waddled around in their individual backpacks and just like that, everything in the world brightened up for a moment.

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Do you have a squeedorable picture of your pet under the Christmas tree, helping you light the Hanukkah menorah, or dressed in the ugliest holiday sweater imaginable? Well share them with your fellow squeeps! Send me the best holiday pictures of your pet and they could end up on the front page.

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I look forward to seeing all your holiday themed Reader Squees!

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After seeing this gif, I now officially refuse to do any workout regime that doesn't include at least one ten-minute stretch of power waddling. I can learn to be like a penguin, I just know it!

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