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Newly-Hatched Baby Gecko

lizards geckos baby cute squee - 7831812352
Via www.facebook.com

Reader Squees: Everybody Loves Facebook

computer facebook gecko leopard gecko lizards reader squees - 6013453056
By figgydear

Creepicute: Horned Lizard

lizards creepicute squee - 7096312832
By sixonefive72 (Via Pixdaus )

Chameleon Bloom

lizards chameleon Flower squee - 6745962240
Via ~lisans

Lounging Lizard

lizards climbing chameleons tree branches - 4277860096
By sixonefive72


lizards gifs gecko squee - 6871439104
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Whatsit: Creature from the Green Lagoon

amphibian green lake lizard lizards turtles water wet whatsit wednesday - 6316985088
By GalderGollum

Tasty Eyeballs

eyes face gecko lick lizard lizards smile squee tongue - 6040279552
Via Just Call Me Lynn
lizards cute hat - 92677

Bearded Dragons Wearing Hats

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Babies baby creepicute endangered hatchling hatchlings lizard lizards poll - 5597824768
By Unknown

Mushroom Meeting

lizards meeting - 4412436992
By sixonefive72

We're Too Cute to be Hors D'oeuvres

Babies lizards cute - 7974342656
By Unknown

Squee Tree

branches chameleon chameleons climbing green lizard lizards squee tree - 6243840000
By sixonefive72 (Via Cameron_hf)

We're Just Four Loungin' Lizards, Lookin' for a Good Time

funny relax lizards - 7945333504
By Unknown

Hitchin' a Ride

baby chameleon chameleons finger fingers hand hands lizard lizards squee tiny - 6213603328
By ingopixel

It's Like There's a Chamillion of Them!

Babies cute chameleons puns lizards - 8025258496
By Unknown
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