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A house is not a home, but it could be. Just needs a bit of imagination an interior decorator and someone to check out that wacky feng shui you have going on. To help you get there, find some light in the dark and hilarity in the work ahead with some hilarious home memes and jokes.

Acting Like Animals: These Blueprints Don't Make Any Sense!

acting like animals confused drawing fence house penguin penguins - 5689757696
Via All Creatures

You May Enter

grumpy house turtle - 6186913024
By Emily

It's Humble But It's Home

box cardboard home house raccoon - 5971756544
Via Just Call Me Lynn

Sneaky Cavy

house sneaky funny - 7486934016
By Shellhenn3


asking bunny cold Command comparison happy bunday house meme not rabbit snow warmth warning - 5160739328
By Unknown


acting like animals disney dragon dumbo elephant fly flying fox horse house prefix sky Staring - 4636203776
By Unknown

Reader Squees: Lovely Luma

blanket hedgehog house pet reader squees - 6038142208
By posh_corgi

Acting Like Animals: I Think We Need to Upsize...

acting like animals cat cramped crowded doll house fat house large request space suggestion - 5802962944
Via Bunny Food

Come on In!

hamster house - 6035658752
By Elvira


cramped crowded cuddling house Party permission question rat rats snug - 4490124800
By Unknown

Come In! I've Just Put the Kettle on!

amphibian frog Hall of Fame house plant - 5874680320
Via 123zero.tumblr.com

That Little House is Totally Ace!

cute house mice puns tennis - 8167175680
Via cutepictures.co

Reader Squees: King of the Lego Castle

castle house king mouse reader squees - 5749874944
By Isabele

Reader Squees: Welcome to My Box

box chinchilla grey house reader squees rodent soft - 5788127488


better building bunny happy bunday hat house rabbit - 5160709120
By Unknown


cat cute doll doll house house kitten kitty - 4212743936
By Nikki
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