This Man Has Been Rescuing Battle-Weary Stray Cats In Aleppo, Syria

Meet the cat man of Aleppo -- Mohammad Aljaleel. He has been looking after the stray cays of Aleppo during the aerial bombardment

Since the bombardment, Aljaleel has set up a dedicated sanctuary and veterinary clinic for the homeless felines. 

This man is our hero. 

Story via The Guardian

cats rescued aleppo syria by brave soul Mohammad Aljaleel to help deal with felines from the war
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remembersarah says: "This is my miracle bunny, Nubs. I placed him on his back so it'd be easier to see why he is named in such a way. He is missing half of his hind legs, as well as his tail because his mother chewed them off the day after he was born. He was bleeding quite a bit, so I was afraid he wouldn't make it, but after plenty of special attention and prayer, Nubs miraculously survived. Now he is several months old, healthy, and his little nubs have healed nicely."

You are a hero! Nubs looks so happy!

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