Animal-Related Pics And Vids Filled To The Brim With Drama

Where would the good days feel like, if there weren't any bad days that made us appreciate them? 

Sure, bad days suck for everyone. However, we need a little bit of drama in our lives to make life interesting, to have something to laugh about later. It may seem bad now, but it'll be a great story to tell in the future. 

And a little reminder to those who are having a bad day, week, or year -- things will get better. 

list of people having a bad day due to animal-related drama - thumbnail includes two images one of bird picking off laptop keys and one of a chewed up menstrual cup | My bird got into every single laptop key | My dog found the forbidden chew toy
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"I love you François, but our families will never let us be together!"

This is my favorite Soap Opera right now!

  • Sally Squeeps