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Creepicute: Wise Eyes

birds creepicute eyes face Owl owls squee wise - 6014336512
Via Animal Blog

Creepicute: Horned Lizard

lizards creepicute squee - 7096312832
By sixonefive72 (Via Pixdaus )


Babies baby creepicute Hall of Fame poll snake snakes - 5227781632
By Unknown

Creepicute: Tibetan Fox

creepicute derp fox squee - 6494959872
Via Gwen


creepicute frog frogs poll tadpole - 5605429248
By Unknown

Creepicute: Wild Hare

hare creepicute red eyes rabbit squee - 6748918784
Via David Walker

Creepicute: Wrinkly Aardvark

aardvark creepicute ears nose wrinkles - 4217018880
By cathjones87 (Via Wired Science )

Creepicute: Red Fuzzy Wuzzy

antennae creepicute fuzzy hand moth red - 6279845888
By Unknown

Creepicute: Golden Mole

creepicute squee - 7135920384
Via Afrotheria

Creepicute: The Wrinkliest Kittens

cat Cats creepicute Hall of Fame kitten sphynx wrinkles wrinkly - 5845770496
Via Scarlett

Creepicute: Bird Bath

bath time beak bird creepicute Turkey - 6507964416
Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath
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