These Chinese memes and gifs are Tso funny! With enough stereotypes to build a railroad, Chinese brings to mind everything from take-out, to Chairman Mao, and maybe even bat eating. If your looking for the place to help you to become proficient in 8000 Mandarin characters, try a school.


Chinese Artist Imagines How Cats And Dogs Would Look Like If They Were People

Today we bring you some artwork from a very talented female Chinese Artist named Xuedaixun. Her artwork consists of multiple categories and today we have chosen a specific category where Xuedaixun has created human versions of Cats and Dogs. So scroll on below and take a look. Fir more, visit her page.  

artist makes human counterparts to portraits of dogs and cats
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reader squee squee hamster chinese tea cup - 6676800000
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LindseyD says: "Melvin is my Chinese Hamster. He's very full of energy and curious. And obviously adorable too!"

Obviously! I haven't seen a Chinese Hamster before - so cute!

-Sally Squeeps

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