Neighborhood Cat Burglar Steals Shoes Becomes Sensation

This one neighborhood in the city of Altoona, Pennsylvania, has the cutest and most unusual burglar -- Jordan, the feline cat burglar

However, this feline doesn't bring back the usual dead rodents and such (even though he once did). This feline enjoys something more high-end -- shoes. Yup. You heard that right! Jordan loves to steal shoes from around the neighborhood.

His owner, Bj Ross, wrote in the "Jordan The Feline Cat Burglar" Facebook group (which has over 14k members), "If y'all know my cat Jordan. Y'all know he loves to bring me home shoes!!!!! ... This tiny little cat drags me home one, two, three shoes. Every night!! Last year, he brought me dead mice, live snakes, dead and live birds, garbage including an empty chip bag, and a rubber glove. 

This past January I started noticing shoes would show up in my yard. I thought nothing of it and would throw them away. As this progresses over the months, my mom suggested I keep the shoes to find the owners. Well. 37 shoes later, I have no idea where he gets them. I put a GPS tracker in him last night and thought..... he deserves his own group!!!!"

Jordan has become a viral sensation! With over 50 pairs of shoes, we can only concur that Jordan is the ultimate cat burglar and will soon be pulling off giant diamond heists all around the globe. 

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