Daily Squee


Creepicute: Tarsier is Shocked!

big eyes branches creepicute eyes fingers Hall of Fame squee tarsier - 6203125760
By Unknown

Birdie Bundle

birds branch branches close crowded cuddle lots trees - 6009229568
Via Bunny Food

Squee Spree: Fluffy Loris Climber

branch branches climb Fluffy loris Slow Loris squee squee spree trees - 6206303488
Via 123Zero

Lounging Lizard

lizards climbing chameleons tree branches - 4277860096
By sixonefive72

Squee Tree

branches chameleon chameleons climbing green lizard lizards squee tree - 6243840000
By sixonefive72 (Via Cameron_hf)

Who? Who Said That?

big eyes birds branch branches eyes Hall of Fame Owl owls squee startled who - 6149967616
Via 123Zero

Muncha Muncha

alpaca branches eat face furry plant snack - 6035958016
Via Animal Blog