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Meet Alby, an Adorable and Rare Albino Green Turtle

cute baby animal image albino green turtle baby found
Via Coolum District Coast Care Group


albino amazing bird breathtaking Hall of Fame hummingbird rare - 5255455232
By Unknown

Stand Out in a Crowd

albino Babies sea turtles siblings squee swim tortoise turtle water white - 5921488128
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adult albino beautiful lion mane nap nap time napping pretty sleepy squee tired white yawning - 4469888256
By Unknown
stunning photos of albino animals from all sorts of specis

19 Rare Albino Animals

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Whatsit Wednesday: Basking Beauty

albino flowers lizard pink whatsit wednesday white - 5986435328
Via 123 Zero

Albino Chipmunk

albino - 7198148096
By djcat595


adorable albino baby dream dreams hedgehog item rare the legend of zelda tiny - 4622526976
By Unknown

I'd Love to Get a Peck on the Cheek From This Albino Kiwi

albino cute birds exotic kiwi - 8175021056
Via sabotag3

Rare Albino Newborn Seal

albino baby mommy newborn seal squee zoo - 6443962112
Via Daily Mail

Reader Squee: Albino Baby

albino pet python reader squee red eyes snake - 6307788800
By jko4


albino cute facts lion trivia - 4236323072
By sixonefive72

Spiky Albino Cuteness

albino cute hedgehog squee - 8271513856
Via Foolish_mortal_

An Albino Fawn

albino cute deer fawn - 8295172864
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albino amazing baby chick gifs hatchling kiwi miracle rare white - 5527592448
By Unknown

Albino Squirrel

albino squirrel - 7132402944
By djcat595
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