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Every Olympiad brings us moments that we'll never forget. In 2004, it was Moroccan distance running legend Hicham El Guerrouj taking gold in the 1500m and the 5k in races where he unseated Bernard Lagat and Kenenisa Bekele in their respective events.

In Beijing it was Michael Phelps' unforgettable performance in which he set seven world records in eight races.

The memorable moment of London 2012 may very well be the moment that British distance runner Mo Farah crossed the finish line in the 10k, followed by American Galen Rupp.

Let's put this race in some context. The last time an athlete representing a country not in Africa has medaled in the Olympic 10k was 1988 in Seoul. The last time an athlete not representing an African country has won the event? 1984 in Los Angeles. The last time an American has medaled in the 10k? 1964 in Tokyo.

But all this pales in comparison to the most significant bit of history that was made today. When, you ask, was the last time a British athlete won the gold medal in the Olympic 10k? Never.

Mo Farah ran a race today that you will always remember. You'll remember where you were, what you were doing, and just how excited you got when Farah started to inch away from the field in the final 100 meters.

You'll remember the look of sheer jubilation that crossed his face when he took a peek behind to see his training partner Galen Rupp grinning from ear-to-ear. You'll remember Farah's daughter sprinting across the infield to her Olympic champion father, and you'll (unfortunately) remember the horrifying giant golden Wenlock plush that was gifted to her.

Most of all you'll remember the roar of the British crowd as Farah tore down the homestretch. In a race stacked with a world record holder, and some of the fastest distance runners the rest of the world had to offer, Mo Farah made history. Don't you forget it.