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By Marcie (Via Redfin)
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Friends! Harry Potter here has an important message about submitting your awesome finds to Lovely Listing!

"Lovely Listers, I, Harry Potter have noticed that you all love to email Fleur listings and photos to be included on the site. She loves getting new material, but she's asked me to talk to you about that awesome 'Upload' tab at the top of the page. It's your best friend!

The email option is not going to be available soon once Cheezburger transfers all the sites over to the new platform so she won't have access to all the greatness you send her. It's time for a change.

If you have an awesome photo from a listing or from anywhere, go to the tab! Just upload the file or paste the URL into the appropriate field and give Fleur an idea of what she's looking at and we'll all be golden.

Of course, always include a link to where you found the awesome pic, so we can all enjoy the listings together and mock the hilarious decor and photo skills together.

Don't make me magic you into submission!"

Thanks, Harry! And thank you all for being the best readers ever! Now get to submitting!