Meme of a cat at a computer that has just sold the dog on Craigslist
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Picture of a cat at a computer with a beaming grin and the text of the meme reveals that the cat has just sold the dog on Craigslist. Truly if there is any picture that captures the essence of cats in their maniacal glory, it is this one. And now that we have caught one of the dastardly fiends in the act of trying to carry out world domination once again, we can question it for answers. Like why do cucumbers scare them sh**less? 

Want to see some of the funniest cat memes Craigslist has come up with? Then these crazy felines are definitely going to tickle your funny bone. But if that doesn't get you chuckling, this family's attempts to adopt a kitten from Craigslist cannot be missed.