Cats With Their Adorable Mini-Me's

Is there anything better than a cat? A mini version of that cat of course. Adorable tiny copycats, learning how to cat from their older copies. 

An explosion of adorableness like you've never seen before. So much smallness. So much cuteness. It's impossible not to smile at these pictures, and we really want to give you something that'll bring you some joy before the week starts. Something that'll give you a boost of wholesomeness and energy that'll allow you to start the week more easily. So, take these pics as a purrsonal gift from us, enjoy them, have a wonderful week, and may the cat gods bless you with a cat headbutting your hand this week. 

pictures of cats and small cats that look just like them thumbnail includes two pictures of the same two cats including one in which the big cat is yawning and the small one is not and another in which the small cat is yawning and the big cat it not
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