Pawdorable Chill But Fierce Kittens Go Viral

Prepare yourselves for a cuteness explosion like no other, because imgur user hermesetas has shared their kittens with the world, and none of us were prepared. So tiny, so adorable, so energetic and happy. And what in the world makes our hearts happier than happy kittens in a warm and loving home? That's right, nothing. Happy kittens always make us happy without fault.

The internet has fallen in love with these awwdorable kittens, and you're about to as well. Because whether they're chill and snuggly or energetic and zooming around, these kittens are straight-up too cute for this world. 

viral imgur thread about tiny kittens thumbnail includes a picture of three kittens lying across someone's lap 'The kids are six weeks old today hermesetas'
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