Totally Useful Ways Of Utilizing Floating Cat Hair (Comics)

Let's talk about cat hair. It is literally everywhere. If you have a cat (or some other pet), then you already know that you can't escape the hair. Sure, you can fight it and have a 'no pets on the furniture' rule, but in the end, those hairs will be there because they are everywhere. Cat hairs are on your clothes, even clothes you have yet to wear. They are on you the second you leave the shower, and sometimes, they're in your food. Cat hair is in the air you constantly breath -- cat hair can find its way ANYWHERE. 

What can be done about this neverending hair attack? Well, you're in luck! In collaboration with popular Israeli artist, Ilana Zeffren, we bring you this creative and funny take on what you can do with all that cat hair floating around!

And if you more cat enjoyment, be sure to check out Ilana's questionnaire on how spoiled your cat is

things to do with all the floating cat hair in the air - thumbnail includes title "things you can do with all the floating cat hair" and one of the ideas, making another pet out of cat hair
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