Animal Comedy


Safety First

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I Know the Answer

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Can You Ask the Walrus to Look?

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This Video Will Make You See Your Trip to the Zoo From a Whole New Perspective

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Noms..

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These Pics Will Be All Over the Internet

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Iz Not Teh Great, Powerful Kitty I Thought I Wuz

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Never Let Elementary School Kids Name a Zoo Animal

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Hao Mey Ai Be Of Asistunse?

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I've Been Working These Crowds All My Life!

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Seals...The Elephants of the Sea

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It's Mean to be Torn to Shreds

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funny memes of zookeepers imitating animals and having other sorts of fun

15 Fun Pics of Zookeepers Imitating The Animals They Care For

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Peanuts For Painting

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Human Zoo

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Maybe Wait Over There By the Low-Fat Herring Buffet Until it's Your Turn

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