Animal Comedy


Woman, Are You Drunk?

drunk wtf - 5448490752
By xyzpdq1

They Must Be Proud

idgi masks moms weird wtf - 5589716224
See all captions By spartan207

It Was the Longest Six-to-Eight Weeks of My Life!

delivery magnets mail mailbox package wtf - 5092440320
By Unknown

No, I Think That's Just the Moldy Carrots

emo empty fat fat guy fridge random person wtf - 5625729536
Via The Dude

It's Just a Theory

Balloons gifs Gravity science theory wtf - 5415182848
Via F*** Yeah, Dementia

But I Just Came in for an Eye Check...

crazy i has a hotdog scary wtf - 5132725248
See all captions By cowspine8

Most Certainly Isn't!

animals best of the week do not want Hall of Fame no rainbows snake whoa wtf - 5408975872
See all captions By lukelightwalker

It's a Tantalizing Tale!

alligators stories story tails woman wtf - 5156782336
By xyzpdq1

Damn Machine Ate My Dollar!

guns weapons wtf - 5247415552
By martyr

What Would Spock Think?

cat I Can Has Cheezburger i-have-no-idea-whats-going-on push water watermelon what wtf - 5152250880
See all captions By gregnabors

I Just Happen to Have an Axe Handy!

nicki minaj photoshopped roflrazzi tree wtf - 5686157312
See all captions By buttcrack

Sounds About Right

art awesome cat painting wtf - 5480726528
See all captions By Shegedebeh

Little of Both, If You Don't Mind!

coffee drugs family historic lols Turkey weed wtf - 5131564800
See all captions By Greybeard55

Cannot Unsee

animals chameleon I Can Has Cheezburger lizards wat wtf - 5118760960
See all captions By Unknown

I Felt a Chill in My Whiskers Earlier

animals Cats I Can Has Cheezburger Memes wat winter Winter Is Coming wtf - 5157724928
Via Epic Ponyz

Facing Backwards Doesn't Help

cars speakers wtf - 5097103360
See all captions By beernbiccies
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