Animal Comedy


Lifestyles of the Rich and Neeeeiiiigghhhhmous

animals horses sarah jessica parker vacation wtf - 5156771328
By xyzpdq1


wtf star wars Owl funny - 7604173568
By Unknown

What The...? This Seems Awkward...

animals deer get in the car i-have-no-idea-whats-going-on no time to explain wtf - 5327376384
Via "the time has come," the walrus said

We Will Never Speak of this Again

animals frog mouse no time to explain wtf - 5666337024
By thegirlwithacurl

Walking the Fine Line Between Confidence and Crazy

army awesome historic lols military wtf - 5065807104
See all captions By wingsail

Quick! Turn Off All the Lights and Pretend No One's Home!

animals best of the week Cats costume dressed up Hall of Fame I Can Has Cheezburger jesus omg pope wtf - 5255120640
See all captions By Unknown

Isn't That a Game for Old People?

fun game games Pundit Kitchen wtf - 5343933696
See all captions By cmdecker

Patron Saint of Bad Decisions

angel art historic lols jump no painting wtf - 5589978624
See all captions By jaspatrick

As if Her Smile Were Not Creepy Enough

Creepy killer clown lady with a shotgun smiles even creepier.
See all captions By Top_Secret

Sloths Have a Very, Very Dark Streak

brains creepy cute die eat evil sloths wtf - 5932841216
See all captions By Green.Banana

Next time...

husky penguin reference sci fi trippy wtf - 6013383168
See all captions By Vamp_Kitten

You Two Look Pathetic

cross hipster wtf - 5464847616

Wrestling is Pretty Gross

funny sports wrestling wtf - 5218015488
See all captions By Unknown

I Just Happen to Have an Axe Handy!

nicki minaj photoshopped roflrazzi tree wtf - 5686157312
See all captions By buttcrack

You're the Boss!

animals frog get on no time to explain squirrel taxidermy wtf - 5585647616
Via I Raff, I Ruse

Seal Off the Crime Scene, Boys

animals arrest I Can Has Cheezburger police seals weird wtf - 5115789824
See all captions By chessmike
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