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That's What Every Guilty Perptrait I've Ever Met Has Said

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Priorities, Kid. Priorities.

Babies ignoring kids sexy women - 5104787200
Via Pigeon-Eyed Devil Woman

Do we have a big enough aquarium at home to keep both of them?

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Now We Can Play Together!

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I Never Understood This Term Either

animals confused cougar cougars I Can Has Cheezburger women - 5150387968
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I Trained at Miss Chesty's House o' Twirlin'

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Capshun Contest - Aerobic Divas

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Via defrag


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He'll Never Complain About Dinner Again

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The Postman Always Knocks Twice

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My Name Is Cat, and I Approve This Message

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Hide-n-Seek Just Got SEXY!

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By ichc.brian

Here's a Sandwich Joke: I Just Threw Up the Sandwich I Had for Lunch

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The Curtains Match the Carpet

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In Both Clothing and Men

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Beauty of the Jungle

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