Animal Comedy


My Life's Motto

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I Trained at Miss Chesty's House o' Twirlin'

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They're Also Not Required to Perform a Castration!

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The Curtains Match the Carpet

tennis Up Next in Sports women - 5169357824
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No Intelligent Life Approves

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Chicks Love Me

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clown fast food mascot McDonald's mcnuggets Ronald McDonald women - 5653565952
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But, I Might as Well Stay Since I'm Here!

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Except They're Totally Good at Golf...

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Let's Get Out of Here Ladies!

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To Protect, Serve, and Be Served

army historic lols women - 5175938816
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What Was I Thinking?!

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Capshun Contest - Aerobic Divas

caption contest exercise fitness vintage women - 5436210944
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Priorities, Kid. Priorities.

Babies ignoring kids sexy women - 5104787200
Via Pigeon-Eyed Devil Woman

Turning Tables

cooking dinner frames historic lols kitchen men relationships sexism women - 5224551424
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The Merry Story of Mary and How She Came to Marry

creepy frames historic lols marriage murder portraits women - 5152222976
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