Animal Comedy


Do you hear that? Or is it just the wind. The wind can carry more than just a cool breeze. It can throw dirt and sand in your eyes and ensure if you're downwind of the wrong cow pasture, you'll know it. So be wary of the zephyr and laugh away your strife with some windy laughs.

And Yet So Refreshed!

cold Owl refreshing skirt thong wind - 6087390208
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Walking Against the Wind

kermit the frog mime performing tree frog wind - 6521734912
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A New Mime Piece I'm Working On

tree frog wind fighting light walking mime - 6573368064
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*SNIFF SNIFF* Aw, hell! Th' wind jus' blew back in my face!

rock skunk tree wind - 6264681216
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The Royal Truth

lions wind king cold mane - 7124008192
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