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wtf facts about monkeys

20 Crazy WTF Facts About Monkeys

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There's a Weird Guy Over There

attention bears camera guy looking mom weird - 6037723136
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I Don't Trust Him on a Plane...

costume weird wtf - 5701627392
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Scarier Than Tigers and Sharks Combined...

scary tigers sharks Cats weird - 8288491520
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You, Of Course, Are Totally Normal

best of the week cuddle cute family Hall of Fame hugs sloths squee weird - 5782192896
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Even Geese Know Not to Wear Socks With Sandals

funny geese weird - 8240603392
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Well You Can't Expect it to Walk Around Barefoot!

leash ducks funny weird - 8277783296
Via mental breeze
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Fun Weird Facts You Don't Need To Know But Here

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Their Friendship is as Solid as the Shell on His Back

friends tortoise funny weird - 8121977088
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Hungry for Love

sharks weird selfie - 8251896832
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