Animal Comedy


Just walking along, nothing to see here. Just strolling about enjoying a breath of fresh air. Keep a leisurely gait with these silly and punny walking jokes.

I'm Gonna Crawl Back There and Demand a Refund

lizards stuck boots walking iguanas - 6986315776
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OK, So It's Probably NOT in Germany...

road pun swans walking - 6674396672
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Wait, You Mean I Have to LEAVE the GROUND?

baby bird determined flying ground look walking - 6542481664
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Helicopter Lions

lions parenting school walking pretend - 6590733568
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Apparently Wun DUZ Simply Wok Into Mortar

wait ducks walking cement - 6946067712
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Let's Just Say They're Walking Each Other

animals corgis horses i has a hotdog Memes walking - 5264467968
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A New Mime Piece I'm Working On

tree frog wind fighting light walking mime - 6573368064
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Shake the Bridge

roosters cocky puns chickens walking bridge - 6963906304
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No Big Deal...

pet walking fish weird - 7881306368
By Unknown

Such Shoddy Workmanship

ducks ruined walking quack cement - 6952407808
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Thank You for Noticing

buffalo car own road selfish walking - 6233152256
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Now Follow These Directions

animals best of the week Hall of Fame instructions puffin walking - 5588218880
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Where's Her Reality Show

ducklings ducks kids lots mom walking - 6534532864
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Probably Best to Get Out of His Way

angry hunched penguin purpose walking - 6507222272
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How Me a Fish Learned Walking?

walking fish - 7482767872
By Unknown

John Cleese Would Be Proud

amphibians best of the week frogs Hall of Fame ministry of silly walks monty python silly walking - 5817888768
See all captions By Sumanuil
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