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Monday Approaches, be Prepared

animals baby animals coffee turtle squee - 8387376384
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Not My Best Pickup Line, I Admit

confident eating ladies lettuce out pickup line turtle - 6379639552
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You Can Squee When I'm Back on Solid Ground

adorable cute holding small squee turtle - 6560226048
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Feeling a Little Lost

animals captions turtle funny - 8549280512
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Wait, What's the Line?

baby egg hatch oops sound turtle wrong - 6423877120
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animals best of the week Hall of Fame hold on scared slow down turtle whoa - 5621318144
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Not Just Smarter than Hares.

cat confusing soup turtle why - 6667447296
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Super Realistic!

costume TMNT turtle funny - 7597774592
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cake noms tortoise turtle - 5830969600
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The Gull of Some People

rock turtle seagull - 7435026432
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fly flying turtle turtles - 5882607616
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Yoo Has To Espect Dat Wif Sum Turtlz, Rly

turtles turtle Cats funny - 7709571328
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Is That Seaweed On Your Breath?

dad disappointed turtle - 6252461312
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As Long as You Take Him for his Walks

animals cat friends friendship I Can Has Cheezburger love pet turtle - 5491337216
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I Thought You Were Supposed to Win Races

bunnies carrot hurry up rabbit running away turtle - 5903130112
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I Trust You!

animals chill out i got this turtle - 5806327552
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