Animal Comedy


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This Is Easily The Best Feature on Any Coldplay Song Ever

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Momma Knows What's Up

animals eating food noms tortoise turtle vegetables - 5692672256
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Trust Me, They Are!

animals turtle - 5577698816
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Maybe a Different Word Will Work

crap inconvenient keyboard slow small turtle typing - 6516291584
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Guys! 5:00 is Turtle's Special Alone Time!

annoyed fish hate swimming turtle - 6076679168
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The Gull of Some People

rock turtle seagull - 7435026432
Via Tastefully Offensive

I Haven't Even Put Makeup On Yet

baby cameras no turtle - 5784990208
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Turtle Williams

baby animals eggs hatch tortoise turtle - 5972301312
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Well, Too Bad. I'm Here and I'm Hungry

bird egg hungry surprise turtle - 6206914560
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Oh No, It Heard Me!

cat heard moving rock surprise turtle - 6350412800
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Help Me Look

help lost small stop turtle - 6558098688
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This One Leads to Narnia

animals secret turtle - 5426955776
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HBO Here I Come

cool fancy fish friends turtle - 6072061440
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The Worst Part is When My Butt Itches

butt pun hell itch shell turtle - 6668794112
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Far as the Eye Could See

old remember stories turtle - 6561358848
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A LOT Faster, Actually!

faster laughing slow turtle typing - 6506981120
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