Animal Comedy


Even Pandas Know Cartoon Physics

branch panda tree - 6289672448
See all captions By horsey101 (Via Karl J. Drilling)

What Did I Do Last Night?

confused elephant nest tree - 6537970944
Via Viva la Caca

Go Home Yogi, You're Drunk

go home you're drunk climbing bears lol tree bird - 7074639872
By Unknown

Don't See You Hangin' Upside Down in the Trees, Do I?

climbing tired tree sloth - 6645454080
See all captions By FatRowley

Unless You Were to Somehow Walk Around the Tree

chameleon gandalf lizard Lord of the Rings tree you shall not pass - 6539663104
See all captions By zacablaster


bad bad idea best of the week caption captioned cat climbing climbing a tree Hall of Fame I Can Has Cheezburger scared scaredy cat stuck tree trust - 5448752128
See all captions By muahahahax

Tree Doesn't Play Fair!

tangled panda tree dangerous - 6887190016
See all captions By beernbiccies

Good, Let the Hate Flow Through You

bushbaby Emperor Palpatine evil star wars tree - 6549133824
See all captions By

Ebil planz.

Small and fuzzy animal critter meme who clearly has sinister plans based on how he is squinting his eyes, and the LOLscat caption makes that clear.
See all captions By mamawalker

I Just Happen to Have an Axe Handy!

nicki minaj photoshopped roflrazzi tree wtf - 5686157312
See all captions By buttcrack

Beware of the Evil Alien/Monkey Hybrid

branch lemur SOON tree - 6310781696
See all captions By Unknown

Get Your Own Tree

go away no more hole tree space rabbits - 6828660224
See all captions By nnnyyyaaannn


angry house prarie dog tree - 6424637184
See all captions By DyannLynn

Ahh Mama it's just as I feared we have goats in our tree. I'll call the Goat Busters

goat goats tree wtf - 5430700032
See all captions By jambuzz

*SNIFF SNIFF* Aw, hell! Th' wind jus' blew back in my face!

rock skunk tree wind - 6264681216
See all captions By Pilot33

Forbidden Love

crying forbidden love hug love Sad tiger tree - 5963632896
See all captions By mcalle14
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