Animal Comedy


Go Away, We're Not Ripe Yet

apples goats so I became they told me i could be a they told me i could be anything tree - 6548044032
Via Marcelows

No Parakeet Displays of Affection!

birds get a room kissing love parakeet PDA tree - 6031359488
See all captions By Anita_in_VA

My Favorite Meal!

delicious noms om nom nom tree - 5339508224
By Unknown

That's One Way to Hibernate

pun bear tree - 8392279808
See all captions By homie_of_darkness

Unless You Were to Somehow Walk Around the Tree

chameleon gandalf lizard Lord of the Rings tree you shall not pass - 6539663104
See all captions By zacablaster

Owl Be Out In A Minute

animals Owl tree sleeping - 8401103872
See all captions By Mike-in-Wichita

Five Little Monkeys Sitting In A Tree

alligator dont-want eating game monkey over play rhyme tree - 6099329536
See all captions By blackbeastofaaaargh

Always Knew They Were Lizards

branch chameleons climbing lizards tree - 6344379136
See all captions By tallweed75

Ahh Mama it's just as I feared we have goats in our tree. I'll call the Goat Busters

goat goats tree wtf - 5430700032
See all captions By jambuzz

Mai Bad, I Juss Bak Down Nice an Slow, 'K?

whoops squirrel tree - 8452497920
See all captions By Emerald63

Tree Doesn't Play Fair!

tangled panda tree dangerous - 6887190016
See all captions By beernbiccies

But, I'll Take It!

best of the week box Hall of Fame sloth this-isnt-my tree - 5842971904
See all captions By Gaeri7

Dangling Possums

branch exercise hang opossum possum tree - 5938309888
See all captions By MallardVHS

*SNIFF SNIFF* Aw, hell! Th' wind jus' blew back in my face!

rock skunk tree wind - 6264681216
See all captions By Pilot33

I Knew You Wood

tasty cute tree - 7823263232
See all captions By frostheartw

You think we should help hm down? He's gonna be stuck in that tree all night?

lions Staring stuck funny tree help - 6592673024
See all captions By Taronyu-20
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