Animal Comedy


Pugs Are Not People. Pugs are Dogs.

concerned depressed i has a hotdog pug trapped wtf - 5416481280
Via Did You Just Eat Sofa Pizza?

You Finally Got Me

sonic the hedgehog trapped hedgehogs toilet paper roll - 6940877056
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I'm the One Who Caged the Cat to Begin With

bird cage cat i know why the caged bird trapped - 6323973120
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Of All the Polar Bears in the World...

ballerina Fluffy help me hugging playing polar bear tea party trapped wolf - 6524554496
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That Bird Will Be Mine!

angry bird cage cat dont-ask trapped trick - 6482900992
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I've Been High Centered By Low Tide

turtles trapped funny - 8060712448
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I Can't Reach Him!

reflection trapped help confused monkey drowning - 6718003968
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Cuz Plan A Ain't Workin'

whoops squirrel trapped - 8360120064
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At Last, My Day Has Arrived

bird cage cat trapped - 6273726464
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How to Get Them Out?

foxes excuse me stuck trapped help computer confused - 6944175360
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I Wasn't Gonna Say Anything

head horse stuck trapped tree - 5949804800
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