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He Makes Everything in the Slow Cooker

cooking chef turtles slow tortoise dinner - 7989083392
By Unknown

You Don't Look a Day Over a Thousand...

old birthdays tortoise - 8123590144
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Slow to Learn

computers turtles technology tortoise funny - 7916401152
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Swimming Lessons Are Important for All Children

animals swim swimming tortoise turtle - 5407158016
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This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort

cute tortoise gifs This Tortoise Puts Food Before Comfort
Via Heather Bjørnebo

Can't Get Up

tortoise bunny funny - 7664022272
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Tortoise Squadron Makes its Move

capybara war military tortoise slow - 8441073152
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In the Consolation Tournament

bunnies competition crush hare rabbit tortoise video games - 6034303488
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cake noms tortoise turtle - 5830969600
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Momma Knows What's Up

animals eating food noms tortoise turtle vegetables - 5692672256
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Their Friendship is as Solid as the Shell on His Back

friends tortoise funny weird - 8121977088
Via Google

Shelly Never Quite Fit in With the Other Dogs, But She Never Knew Why

cuddle pack cute tortoise heartwarming - 7604304640
By Unknown


angry arms crossed captions denied stern tortoise turtle - 6390825984
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Do Your Duty, Human

demand tortoise unimpressed - 6465739264
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wheels cute tortoise squee Video rescue - 70625281

At 90 This Tortoise Is Leading The Waaaaay

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tortoise funny Video - 74290177

This Tortoise Could Use Some Better Climbing Instruction

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