Animal Comedy


Your Mom and Dad can Make Another One

i dare you kid pulling tail threat tiger - 6249540608
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So... Eventually!

captions crawling die eventually slowly threat turtle - 6461153024
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Just Stay Right There, Don't Move. You'll Be Sorry. Eventually.

climbing stuck koalas dead threat - 6995588352
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Mai Kitteh! Nawt Urs!

angry cat kitten kitty mine otter possessive threat - 5782689536
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You Wouldn't Like Me When I Use the Fist

angry dont-make-me fist gorilla threat - 6430489856
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Serious as a heart attack

angry annoyed fist gorilla punch threat - 6394230272
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You Best Step Off

goose step off threat wings - 6323375616
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Now...A Little Help Here?

climbing die escape evil first help threat turtle - 6407550720
By Jack

See How Funny it Is

annoyed i dare you madagascar lemur threat - 6741805824
See all captions By AirborneKitty76

You Really Want to Lose that Finger Don't You?

baby animals bats finger not squeaky toy angry threat - 6916082176
See all captions By Loulou

When He Wakes Up, You'll be Sorry

cat mouse pointing threat - 6437617920
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You Touch Mine, I'll Rip Yours Off!

grapes monkeys threat - 7935632640
See all captions By invisicat

Very Very Soon

cat eating open over SOON squirrel summer threat window - 6201825536
See all captions By alikitteh

Got Five Friends I Want You to Meet

date daughter Father fist gorilla protective punch threat - 6489300480
See all captions By Unknown

The Wrong Side of the Park

bread delicious geese scary sharing threat - 6066773504
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roosters bro chickens threat - 6807545344
By Unknown
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