Animal Comedy


Go On, Pet My Nose

angry bite captions creepy hands horse horses scary threat threats treats - 6545017088
By ShmedB (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

This Will Not Stand

angry fist gorilla poop threat - 6414499840
See all captions By coreyb16

It's Not Funny Anymore

eat kick lake lion play soccer threat water - 5789729536
See all captions By heylookasquirrel

Yeah...I'm Really Intimidated...

koalas cute threat leaves - 7758811136
See all captions By Josh Nathan

You Will Rue the Day You Squeed

baby cute small threat alone bat - 6713612288
See all captions By Unknown

You Wouldn't Like Me When I Use the Fist

angry dont-make-me fist gorilla threat - 6430489856
See all captions By wwalkingwolfw

Don't Try Any Funny Stuff!

advice animals best of the week caption captioned duck giraffes Hall of Fame threat - 5640197888
See all captions By iluvvakittys

Your Mom and Dad can Make Another One

i dare you kid pulling tail threat tiger - 6249540608
See all captions By momofzoo

You Touch Mine, I'll Rip Yours Off!

grapes monkeys threat - 7935632640
See all captions By invisicat

Mister Rogers, 2011 Voice-over Rereleases

dont-make-me shoe threat threatening - 5368516864
Via F*** Yeah, Dementia

The Usual Bag of Snickers and an Order of French Fries Will Do.

criminal garbage can mafia protection raccoon threat - 6510439936
See all captions By momofzoo

Now...A Little Help Here?

climbing die escape evil first help threat turtle - 6407550720
By Jack

Go On, I Dare Ya

angry cat claws crab crabby threat - 6422347520
See all captions By resonantg

Serious as a heart attack

angry annoyed fist gorilla punch threat - 6394230272
See all captions By TuckerBentley

It's a Small Can, But Tightly Packed

baby chimpanzee running threat you - 6537419776
See all captions By HokieGirl74

See How Funny it Is

annoyed i dare you madagascar lemur threat - 6741805824
See all captions By AirborneKitty76
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