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All Your Thoughts Seem to Be Upside Down...

birds funny stupid owls - 7986625280
By Mamaheahen600

He Was Dropped as an Egg

confused dropped egg frustrated Owl stupid teaching try again what who - 6119547136
By momofzoo

You Really Needs Them

mustache old man wisdom monkey stupid need - 6665647360
See all captions By Soko
funny things people named their pets | RhydYGwin 23 hours ago edited 19 hours 24 22 More Obligatory, not vet vet's waiting room, and there puppy with woman and child puppy named Dave child Atari.

Absurd Pet Names People Encountered

Yes, nice to meet you...uh...
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Diet Brains.

annoyed brains dad diet mom parenting seals sleeping stupid zombie - 6560977920
See all captions By penelopesdad

As Soon as I Get Out of This...

shut up cow fence stuck laughing stupid horse - 6689291008
See all captions By larscog

Safety First

animals funny stupid people zoo - 8172072704
Via letssmile

Not Now or Ever...

idiot job stupid tattoo wtf - 5644795392
Via Flying Scotsman

That's the Proper Reaction

chicken kardashians reality tv stupid tried watching - 5931573760
See all captions By TuckerBentley

You're Spilling Out All of Your Delicious Contents, You Stupid Upside-Down Taco!

animals beds food i has a hotdog stupid tacos - 5240818944
See all captions By xburyyourheadx

And What Would You Know About Fashion, Cat?

animals Cats fashion I Can Has Cheezburger impressions shoes stupid - 5163731200
See all captions By Electricx330

Don't Worry, They Won't Remember This...

funny stupid insult - 8007485696
See all captions By chianty

I Always End Up Looking Stupid

embarrassing flossing grin picture stupid wolf - 6171347200
See all captions By AngelAndz

How Can You Tell?!

hair historic lols love stupid wtf - 5205544448
See all captions By yunolivia

Really, We Ought to Let This Joke Go...

bad jokes confused joke otters puns stupid whisper - 6465153280
See all captions By Greencliff

Not Mutually Exclusive

blind fool lion safari stupid watching - 6404896256
See all captions By forever_available
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