Animal Comedy


Stars and stripes, let them wave. Keep those striped pajamas on and enjoy these lined jokes to keep you toeing that... pass

This Explains a Lot

zebra real answer donkey stripes Father - 6886722304
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At Least I Don't Think So. I Don't Remember the '80s Much.

zebra Babies tapirs comforting stripes mom - 7002882560
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You Had the Right Idea... Sort Of

zebra stripes camouflage - 7777232128
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And Who Gave Them Such Sharp Claws?

Funny dog meme of a golden retriever nursing a small group of black and white tiger cubs.
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The Stripes are Confusing!

confusing stripes zebras - 7768059392
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Another Germaphobic Mom

cleaning baby bleach stripes mom spots - 6694544384
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