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“Off With His McHead” Caption Contest: Second Runner-Up Goes To…

beheaded caption contest decapitated Michelle Obama Ronald McDonald statues venice - 5066815232
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"Off With His McHead" Caption Contest: Third Runner-Up Goes To...

beheaded caption contest fast food peta Ronald McDonald statues wtf - 5065490944
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“Off With His McHead” Caption Contest: First Runner-Up Goes To…

beheaded caption contest decapitated Ronald McDonald statues venice - 5066811904
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Are You Sure? Look Like Danglers to Me...

lol statues wasps wtf - 5245122048
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beheaded caption contest puns Ronald McDonald statues venice winner - 5066864640
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The World's Most Perfect Umbrella

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Dude, We All Are

drugs high pun statue statues - 5680553472
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An Interesting Purrlosophy

animals buddhism Cats I Can Has Cheezburger peace punching statues violence - 5169894400
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Fine! Be That Way!

animals Cats dumb I Can Has Cheezburger name questions statues talking yelling - 5079293184
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Of All the Places, Bird!

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