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What Do You Mean You Let it Go Outside?

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He Specializes in Shock Humor

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The Scariest Saw Yet

spiders saw toilet paper - 6945968128
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You're a Bigger Coward Than I Trot

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spiders sucker - 8288604672
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A Big Wet One

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By Tds083003 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

He Married Her for Her Legs

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Oh, And They Can Kill You

nature wasps spiders scary lobsters nightmares - 6952704256
By Unknown

That's the Thanks I Get!?

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I Don't Bite...Okay Yeah, I do

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Thank You for the Mind Blower!

spiders octopus sea life - 7897649408
By dbvics

Scaredy Cat

spiders lions funny scaredy cat - 7702008064
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Stinger or Fangs...Your Decision

kids funny spiders scared - 7548340736
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The Rest of Us Will Have to Sleep Under Your Pillow, I Guess...

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Via Blog Soup

Everyone Has Their Limits...

spiders courage - 8017316352
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