Animal Comedy


They Could Have Made the Sign Bigger

crashing ducks pond sorry frozen - 7053215488
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I Can't Really Help It

apology ass donkey pun sorry talk - 6408914432
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So Considerate

oh hai photograph picture seagull sorry - 5526241280
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Your Poor Girlfriend...

sorry thats-a-bummer-man truck vehicle - 5386749696
Via Mad Platypus

The Cola Wars Continue

polar bears coke sorry - 8384901888
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But You Have to Admit it Was Funny

apologizing ashamed do not sorry throwing poop - 6338019584
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Very Strict Rules to the Parade, Apparently

christmas parade sorry - 6907408384
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Tragedy at the North Pole

coca cola coke crying mommy out polar bear polar bears Sad snow sorry tragedy - 6126961408
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I'm Just Trying to Be a Regular Guy Here

lemurs celeb sorry - 7104870656
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hurt bears scared waterfall sorry - 6929867264
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Look, I'm sorry I was just trying to make some conversation.

apologizing bad conversation offended owls Sad sorry - 6046262272
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I'll Never Do it Again Unless it's Really Funny

car hawks sorry pooping - 7015771136
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I Have a Large Wingspan

taken pigeon seats small sorry bus - 6933203200
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Speed Freak

speed sloths sorry moving slow down - 6969046016
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Now We Have a Big Mess to Clean Up

bears listening waterfall sorry dropped fell - 6935043840
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Oh, I'm Sorry Sir.

orangutan smell husband sorry ashamed laughing - 6559824128
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