Animal Comedy


They Flippered Out When They Saw it

flipper snow funny puns neighbors walruses - 7957491200
By Unknown

Wonderful Sights

polar bear snow same - 6607159552
See all captions By Patblo

No, Can't Say That I Have.

excuse me hungry snow cold squirrel nuts no - 6946133248
See all captions By clisaacs

Fail Duck

duck FAIL snow crash faceplant - 6836969728
See all captions By HaseoATC

Nope, I Don Don't

star wars snow puns winter - 7996256256
By Unknown

I'm Sorry, I Thought You'd be Delicious...You Were!

bad idea snow tigers - 8173080064
See all captions By Nyeusi-simba

It Always Pulls Yer Down

snow falling ducks Gravity - 7815943424
See all captions By MrsGberg

The Man's a Total Pig

bad snow coke pig - 6975526144
See all captions By Caleb

I Do Science for Fish

cute cold ice snow science penguins - 8034465792
By Unknown

I Wonder Why this Clump of Snow Has a Face?

snow seal what are you squee - 8390798848
Via Azurill

Dammit Dave, Not Again!

best of the week fast food gps Hall of Fame lost McDonald's oops snow - 5589916672
See all captions By DaJunk

Frosting: Still Just For Cakes

buffalo candles snow - 6274373376
See all captions By ToolBee

More Like Blue Tiger...It's Freezing!

cute cold snow tigers white tigers - 7958605568
By Unknown

Priorities, You Know

bear beauty child cub fashion mom nails snow son wait - 6002348288
See all captions By beernbiccies

They're Worse Than the Frogs

beer bison budweiser face snow - 6265788160
See all captions By Emerald63

It's Been Weeks!

camouflage arguing see snow tigers white tigers - 6792970496
See all captions By Marvinator
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