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The Reason Snakes Hiss? They Can't Facepalm at Bad Jokes

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That Someone Also Likes to Take Pictures of Lettuce...

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You're Hisss-terical

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We're Having Something Called Cuisses de Grenouille...Whatever That is...

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Could My Day Get Any Worse?

animals best of the week eating frogs gross Hall of Fame I Can Has Cheezburger nature snakes - 5245125888
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BEHOLD: The Mighty Beer Snake

animals beer glasses I Can Has Cheezburger snakes - 5055151872
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It's Ssssizzling!

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What a Mess!

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I'll Just Hold it, Thanks

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Mom, Help!

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Riki Doesn't Like Snakes

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My Reaction to Pretty Much Everything on This Site

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Something Tells me That's not Going to Help his Headaches...

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Now Where is that Mousssse?

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You Can Only Ask Us One Question...

ask lie snake snakes truth - 5881900032
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I'm Sure The Answer Is Just Right Under My Nose

funny leopards hunt snakes - 8177448192
By AngelAndz
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